【Wmware】EXSi - Troubleshooting

Posted by 西维蜀黍 on 2022-03-20, Last Modified on 2022-03-20

VMFS Volume is locked


Cannot remove datastore because file system is busy

**Dumpfile Removal

**Check for dump files. You can run this command from any ESXi host with access to the datastore

[root@localhost:/vmfs/volumes] esxcli system coredump file list
Path                                                                                                     Active  Configured        Size
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  ------  ----------  ----------
/vmfs/volumes/62363361-beef5e4c-faff-60beb4007eae/vmkdump/03000200-0400-0500-0006-000700080009.dumpfile    true        true  1261436928b

The output shows that I have 1 dump files which are blocking my datastore. Only the owning ESXi host can disable and delete them, so you have to find out which ESXi is responsible for each file:

[root@localhost:/vmfs/volumes]  vmkfstools -D /vmfs/volumes/62363361-beef5e4c-faff-60beb4007eae/vmkdump/03000200-0400-0500-0006-000700080009.dumpfile
Lock [type 10c00001 offset 97976320 v 21, hb offset 3768320
gen 29, mode 1, owner 623709f8-18369d1e-d26e-60beb4007eae mtime 1656
num 0 gblnum 0 gblgen 0 gblbrk 0]
Addr <4, 40, 0>, gen 2, links 1, type reg, flags 0x8, uid 0, gid 0, mode 600
len 1261436928, nb 1203 tbz 0, cow 0, newSinceEpoch 1203, zla 3, bs 1048576
affinityFD <4,42,1>, parentFD <4,42,1>, tbzGranularityShift 20, numLFB 2
lastSFBClusterNum 3, numPreAllocBlocks 0, numPointerBlocks 1

To remove the coredump file, connect to the ESXi host with SSH and use the esxli system coredump file remove command. This will remove the configured active coredump file:

~ # esxcli system coredump file remove --force